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This list voids all previous list and quotations.

PRICES: All sales are F. O. B. Rock Island, TN. Prices are based on current market conditions and subject to change without notice. All prices listed are to trade only.

TERMS: To those who have established credit with us, payment is net 30 days.  Satisfactory references are required from unknown parties or a cash down payment of 25% with your order.  All accounts over 30 days are subject to a service charge of 1.5% per month (18% annually) plus cost of collection. 

Customer agrees that should this account be referred for collections, customer agrees to pay the costs of collection, including a reasonable attorney's fee.  Customer agrees the courts of Warren County, TN shall have jurisdiction over any action arising out of this transaction which shall be governed by the laws of Tennessee.  If the customer is not a natural person the undersigned personally guarantees payment of this account.

CLAIMS:  Claims for any cause must be made upon receipt of stock.  We will not honor claims after goods have been accepted or when a written report is not made within five days after shipment.

LIABILITY: We exercise the greatest care to keep our varieties pure and true to name and in good healthy condition.  We give no warranty, expressed or implied, as to description, productiveness, or any other matter of any nursery stock we sell. 
SHIPPING: All customers are requested to give instructions.  We can arrange for bulk shipment of nursery stock by independent truckers and brokers who primarily specialize in hauling nursery stock.  Our stock is loaded with care and our responsibility ends when stock is in the carriers hands.  Please give complete shipping instructions and directions to your location to insure timely delivery of stock.  All freight charges are the purchasers responsibility and payable at the time of delivery.  Customer is responsible for unloading trucks. 

ORDERS: Orders are booked subject to crop growing conditions and the understanding that orders shall be void should injury befall our stock from flood, drought, hail, fire, frost, freeze, error in count or other causes beyond our control. 

CANCELLATIONS:  Any cancellation of stock must be made in writing and received by our company prior to December 31st.

STAR BASKETS:  We can put Star Baskets on hand dug balls for $3.00 extra per plant.  Customer must specify prior to digging the plants.

GRADING: We grade liberally in accordance with the horticultural standards adopted by the American Nursery & Landscape Association. 

STANDARDIZED PLANT NAMES: A listing of approved scientific and common names of plants has been used as far as practical in this list.

SPECIAL NOTICE: Correspondents are requested to use their printed business letterheads.  We do not quote wholesale prices to retail buyers and make every effort to limit the distribution of price lists to wholesale nursery dealers only.


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